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A portfolio of catastrophe risk research projects and applications

I am a catastrophe risk researcher, with both academic and insurance industry background. My interests include:

Extreme event modelling: Physics of tail-events and domino effects;
Earthquake forecasting: Physics and statistics of seismicity laws, pattern recognition;
Algorithmic risk governance: Decision making under uncertainty, optimization, behavioural science;
Energy security/public safety trade-off: Deep geo-energy / carbon storage induced seismicity;
Meta-science: Scientific trends, status-quo biases, new theoretical horizons.

I promote cross-disciplinary research and reasoned imagination, using data analytics, machine learning, and first principles. I follow the motto "History, Risk & Forecast" to learn from past catastrophes & past research, to evaluate existing risks, and finally to mitigate the risk via event forecasting. This website is a work in progress, with interactive catastrophe risk tools planned to be added over time.