R&D Portfolio

This research portfolio showcases the theoretical and applied research projects of Prof. A. Mignan in the area of catastrophe risk assessment and management. This site is still under construction. For the time being, please follow the links above for some more information.


List of projects per domain of research. Project pages under construction, please visit us later.

Catastrophe Dynamics

Multi-risk, accumulation risk, super-catastrophes & other extreme events

Energy Security

Risk mitigation strategies for critical infrastructures

Earthquake Prediction

Physics & statistics of earthquake precursors, Solid Seismicity Theory

GitHub Repositories

List of GitHub repositories categorised following the History-Risk-Prediction motto (hist/risk/pred). The History section collects landmark catastrophe models and provides meta-analyses & literature reviews while the Risk section provides innovative CAT risk (sub-)models and the Prediction section innovative forecasting tools.

List of R package tutorials