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rseism R package suite:

rseismNet: Investigating the properties of the earthquake frequency-magnitude distribution (FMD) is the first necessary step of any seismicity analysis. The R package rseismNet provides a suite of statistical functions to determine the completeness magnitude mc and the seismicity properties below and above this threshold. “Net” refers to network, (1) for the seismic network properties described by the FMD shape below mc, and (2) for the earthquake fault network properties described by the Gutenberg-Richter law above mc. rseismNet also implements the Bayesian Magnitude of Completeness (BMC) method (Mignan et al., 2011, doi: 10.1785/0120100223), which maps mc based on a seismic network prior. [source codes] [tutorial]

rseismTLS: The rise in the frequency of anthropogenic earthquakes due to deep fluid injections is posing serious economic, societal, and legal challenges to many geo-energy and waste-disposal projects. The rseismTLS package provides actuarial tools to analyse, forecast and mitigate induced seismicity during underground stimulation, based on a TLS (i.e. Traffic Light System) procedure. It reflects the need to quantify the dynamic nature of the industrial operations and underground feedback, and complements the standard TLS approach that is inherently heuristic and mostly based on expert elicitation (so-called clinical judgment). [only forecasting part available at the present time] [source codes] [tutorial]